Shorter, more competitive trend cycles demand higher volumes of fresh inspiration. The Sauce trend reports bring you a comprehensive forecast for apparel and accessories to help you translate the most influential street styles, vintage looks and concepts into commercial stories to save you valuable resources and expenses.

Highlighting current season trends, colour palettes, print direction, materials, skins, hardware, graphics and styling.  We bring you new silhouettes, novelty ides, vintage research, store and street reporting collated from social media, blogs, industry shows, retail shopping and global magazines.

The Sauce bi-annual Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer trend reports are overviews of what's happening on runways  and are launched before the start of each season.  Our colour and inspirational reports are done regularly and focus on specific key-items and micro trends and aim to provide our customers with fresh inspiration to assist with apparel and accessory design for that ever important deadline.

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