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RPET stands for recycled polyethylene terephthalate. PET is a strong, durable and recyclable material used for bottles that can be recycled and made into accessories and apparel. 

How can water bottles be made into fabric and what are the benefits of buying products made from rPET? 

PET is the most common type of plastic resin.  To create virgin PET, producers extract crude oil and natural gas from the Earth, then process and heat it to form a molten liquid.  They spin this liquid into fibres to create polyester fabric.  As a fibre, polyester can be used to make clothing and accessories in various textures and weights.

By creating awareness and demand for recycled products, we help solidfy recycling programs and recycled goods as valuable pieces in the production process.

So…Where does sustainability come in?

Because PET is such a popular material that is highly recyclable, recycling it to create new products has the potential to have a significant positive impact. Recycled plastics help decrease the amount of plastic waste that enters landfills.

Join the movement.  Speak with The Sauce to learn more about our extensive range of recycled PET polyester.


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