Step No. 1

Design & Develop

Our design team frequently shops the major domestic fashion markets and travels the globe in order to tap emerging trends. We attend trade fairs around the world, visit fabric markets, surf the cutting edge sites and stock up on overseas fashion magazines to present you with contemporary ideas which appeal to your market. Once we have finalized the design and details we can proceed with sample development and provide prototype samples for your approval within around 3 weeks.

Step No. 2


Minimums start from 300 units. Most of our production is completed by our Asian based manufacturers who we visit regularly. Our Hong Kong office maintains very strong relations with our factories. We work together to keep you updated with time lines – sample delivery status, production and delivery dates. All shipments are QC’d prior to shipment to ensure your product does not leave if it’s not right. Production lead times range from 4-8 weeks. If an urgent delivery is necessary we’ll always do our best to ensure we can meet required delivery.

Step No. 3


We are able to work with you on an FIS or FOB basis. Our shipping department co-ordinates all things logistic. They know all about fuel charges, duties and taxes, customs clearance and work to consolidate shipments around the globe to obtain the most competitive shipping and air freight quotations delivered right to your door. Sea freight delivery to Australia is 3 weeks and around 5 days for air freight.